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Alberta Child Welfare Office (N Portland)
District 2 (Multnomah County)
Child Welfare and Self-Sufficiency Field Services
Child Welfare and Self Sufficiency Field Services
Human Services, Dept. of
30 N Webster Suite D
Portland, OR  97217    Envelope
Fax: (503) 280-6638
Web site:

CW Program Manager Edgar Perez (971) 673-6725 
Information  (971) 673-6800 
CW Line Manager Heather Kilmer (971) 673-6803 
CW Line Manager Kalisha Stout (971) 673-6743 
CW Office Manager Becky Olsen (971) 673-6767 
Office Manager Alicia Livingstone (971) 673-6946 
CW SSA Manager Tricu Nguyen (971) 673-6739 
CW Line Manager Marina MacMichael (971) 673-6754 
CW Line Manager Charlie Jenkins (971) 673-6823 
CW Line Manager Bob Gibbs (971) 673-6784 
CW Line Manager Heather Thompson (971) 673-6797 
CW Line Manager Wendy Polzel (971) 673-6827 
Cw Line Manager Sarah Gray (971) 673-6808 
CW Line Manager Christina Sustrik (971) 673-6932 
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