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Statewide Budget Policy Section
Chief Financial Office (CFO)
Administrative Services, Department of
155 Cottage St NE U10
Salem, OR  97301-3965    Envelope
Fax: (503) 373-7643
Web site:

Statewide Numbers Coordinator Dustin Ball (503) 378-3119 
Budget Policy Analyst Alisa Webb (503) 378-4588 
Budget Policy Analyst Tamara Brickman (503) 378-4709 
Budget Policy Analyst Cathy Connolly (503) 373-0083 
Budget Policy Analyst Patrick Heath (503) 378-3742 
Budget Policy Analyst Michelle Lisper (971) 283-6360 
Budget Policy Analyst Vacant (Interim Kate Nass) (503) 378-5442 
Budget Policy Analyst April McDonald (503) 877-8125 
Assistant Budget Policy Analyst Breanna McGehee (971) 301-0189 
Assistant Budget Policy Analyst vacant (interim Breanna McGehee (971) 301-0380 
Budget Policy Analyst Lisa Pearson (503) 373-7501 
Budget Policy Analyst Linnea Wittekind (503) 378-3108 
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