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Lead Regional Development Office  Melisa Drugge (503) 508-3147 
Regional Development Officer Larry Holzgang (541) 219-2895 
Regional Development Officer Melanie Olson (503) 842-4045 
Regional Development Officer Scott Fairley (541) 969-0202 
Regional Development Officer Melissa Murphy (503) 983-8857 
Regional Development Officer Brian McDowell (541) 962-5020 
Regional Development Officer Sean Stevens (541) 346-8620 
R1/R4 Regional Project Manager Becky Bryant (503) 986-0096 
Regional Development Officer Bryan Guiney (503) 307-3662 
R2/R5 Regional Project Manager Michelle Bilberry (503) 986-0142 
Regional Development Officer Dennie Houle (503) 791-2732 
R3/R6/R9 Regional Project Manager  Tawni Bean (503) 551-0957 
Regional Development Officer Marta Tarantsey (503) 856-2693 
R7/R8 Regional Project Manager Matthew Mattia  
Regional Development Officer Carolyn Meece (503) 704-1311 
R10AB/R11 Regional Project Manager Shanna Bailey (541) 786-4630 
Regional Development Officer Vacant  
Regional Project Manager, CDBG & Housing Arthur Chaput (503) 798-5076 
Regional Project Manager, Ports Ted Werth (503) 779-3221 
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