State Agency Directory

Corporate Affairs Office
Lottery, Oregon State
PO Box 12649
Salem, OR  97301
Web site:

Corporate Affairs Officer Kathy Stromberg (503) 540-1341 
Sr. Executive Assistant Taylor Paulsen (503) 540-1361 
Public Information Manager Matthew Shelby (503) 540-1411 
Sr Manager Product Marketing Stacy Shaw (503) 540-1101 
Sr Manager Digital Marketing Shad Barnes (503) 540-1082 
Sr Manager Marketing Communications Mark Strickler (503) 540-1093 
Promotions Supervisor Kevin Ziebart (503) 540-1041 
Creative Supervisor Beth Lloyd (503) 540-1039 
Research and Analytics Manager Laura Sofro (503) 540-1081 
Sr Manager Enterprise Program Management Office Tami Aders (503) 540-1126 
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