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Northwest Region Environmental Partnerships
Northwest Region
Environmental Quality, Department Of
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Environmental Partnerships Manager OBRIEN, AUDREY (503) 229-5072 
Natural Resource Specialist ANDERSON, PETER (503) 229-5070 
Natural Resource Specialist BATES, ZEB (503) 229-5364 
Natural Resource Specialist COLLINS, JAY (503) 229-5008 
Natural Resource Specialist COOK, LAURIE (503) 229-5015 
Office Specialist FARLAND, SUSAN (503) 229-5982 
Asbestos and Solid Waste Compliance Specialist Fleming, Jeremy (503) 229-5590 
Natural Resource Specialist HOUGH, DANIEL (503) 229-5478 
Pollution Prevention Coordinator Kunz, David (503) 229-5336 
Environmental Engineer KUOPPAMAKI, HEATHER (503) 229-5125 
 Papinsick, Christopher (503) 229-5562 
Environmental Engineer SPENCER, TIMOTHY (503) 229-5826 
Hazardous Waste Inspector Terry, Karen (503) 229-5477 
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