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Utility Safety, Reliability and Security Division
Utility Program
Public Utility Commission
201 High St SE Ste 100
PO Box 1088
Salem, OR  97308-1088    Envelope
Web site:

Program Manager Lori Koho (503) 378-8225 
Emergency Preparedness Manager Lisa Gorsuch (503) 378-3778 
Safety Policy Analyst Karla Hunter (503) 373-0044 
Chief Pipeline Safety Kevin Hennessy (503) 378-6115 
Sr Pipeline Safety Analyst John Ivey (503) 378-3217 
Sr Utility Eng Analyst Mark Rettmann (503) 378-5362 
Sr. Utility Eng Analyst Steve Sims (503) 378-8711 
Sr. Utility Eng Analyst Leon Grumbo (503) 378-4165 
Sr Utility Analyst Ray Muller (503) 378-6760 
Pipeline Safety Analyst David Hoy (503) 373-1531 
Utility Safety Liaison Kay Barnes (503) 378-5763 
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